Saturday, September 6, 2008


It's like this..we were at the mall tonight and we went into Moochie and Co. It's an apparel store for your pet. We found this shirt for Emma Sue, it was $19.95. The reason you are only seeing a picture of it and not a picture of it on Emma is because I wasn't about to buy her a $20.00 shirt. If I was going to spend $20.00 I would have spent it on myself. So here is a picture of a shirt that we almost bought for Emma but we didn't. Oh, and yes, she does have a myspace.. the kids made it for her.. Let me say, she has more friends then I do. But if you have an extra 20 bucks and would like to outfit Miss Emma Sue please feel free to send the poor child dog some new duds.


Romi said...

We have some friends who buy their pets nothing but designer items. They were "sad" that their dogs didn't like their Burberry leashes and took them shopping for something higher end like LV hoping they would like those!

CrazyCath said...


Cathy I popped over because a while ago you asked how I got a 3 column blog. Can I just point you to this post I did which has the links to the sites (and the kind guy) that helped me? Hope it helps.