Friday, September 5, 2008

What is it

I'll give you a few clues below.1. It folds
2. You can put a key in it
3. Leaves a mark in the back
Okay - what is it? Thanks for playing.


AZ said...

Looks like a man's wallet, it could be a woman's wallet, but I think most women replace their wallet before it gets that worn, but men will carry the same wallet until all the thread rots and the darn thing falls apart. So, my guess is a man's wallet.

AZ said...

Okay, it a woman's wallet -- I see lots of plastic cards and what I think is a pad of checks, so it has to be a woman's wallet. Time for a new wallet!

Romi said...

Fanny Pack? :-)

Rebeckah said...

I wish I could find one of these somewhere...mine is SO empty!