Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up

First G and I made it to Put in Bay and back, we went to the grocery, hung out witht kids and got nothing done around the house. I think a suit case exploded in every room. I got my driver's license renewed today..good for another 4 years. Emma came home from the puppy palace where the vet now says she needs knee surgery. That will just have to wait until after Christmas. I hope. I found while gone that my camera has something inside and is causing a boomarang shape thing on my pics. I have tried to find it, G says it's inside. Guess that's why I got insurance. D is healing up, his elbow is still yellow/purple/bruise. He says his back hurts a bit but he made it to and from Washington DC in one piece. I worried about him but what could I do. I was ready to drive up there if need be. Baxter is happy that Em is back, he is lying on the desk with his head on the camera again. Oh and one big correction. The first night we were in town or on the island someone said that this band was playing. I thought she said: "The Low Cash Cows" and then the next morning when their big tour bus creeped by me on my golf car I thought that's what it said. I was trying to pay attention to the road or more like the grass. I felt very very small as they went by anywho, that we saw them and I said something about them and G started laughing.. he said, "that's not their name, it's LoCash Cowboys" Low Cash- LoCAsh, cows-cowboys who's cares, they all knew who I was talking about.. So, all night I called them the lowcash cows... but I do stand corrected oh and let me say, they sure can dance for white boys.... check them out. Well hopefully tomorrow I can really get back in the swing of things and check on everyone. Til later ~Cathy