Monday, October 20, 2008

Part 1- On our way to Put In Bay

Our first stop this fine crisp morning was to put my baby boy on a bus to the big city of WASHINGTON DC. I cried..yes I did. AGAIN. Well my baby was taking off without his mom or dad for 4 days in a strange city with a severe concussion to his brain and bumps and bruises from his wreck. Two doctors cleared him to go and they said he would be fine and he was but I was scared to let him go.. I am his mom. He thinks I am crazy and now wants to race again next week. Well, not if I don't buy him a new helmet but we will see. That's so next week. This is G and I in the auto cruising up I-75 to our long weekend away..yeah.. See G little marks on his forehead, they look like little horns.. He also loves the camera.
This is G driving with his left arm..what?
And this is G's right hand.. on my knee. Who is driving this thing anyways.?Just jokin. Let me note- these pictures were taken at different times within our trip, at no time were any animals hurt or in danger.

We cruised the whole way and listened to AC/DC XM RADIO. It was awesome. We both learned some AC/DC history facts and I learned why Angus Young wore the school boy uniform and that he was not from England and other things that I guess according to G everyone already knows. I guess that's why there are people like me so people like him can share his knowledge.. sounds good anyways. We saw this plate/car/person while driving and let me say, he didn't look very happy and I couldn't get a pic of him cause I was laughing to hard. He looked like a hippy mountain man aka Mr. Happi.. Maybe it's an inside joke or something, maybe it wasn't even his car. That sounds like the logical answer. I can see him now saying to himself as everyone looked. "It's not MY car"
Once we got north of Dayton this is what we saw- farm land, farm land and more farm land then water and lots of it.
We made it. Miller's Ferry. The northern tip of the "mainland"
We got on the ferry and took off and we had some lag a longs. G said they were drafting us.

This was the first islander that we met. He gave us the number for the taxi.. The taxi that I think everyone that ever visited must have puked in. NASTY, but the driver was very nice. We asked him about places to eat and when I mentioned the Chicken Shack he said that we could try it but he got sick every time he ate it.. NICE!!
This is G driving our golf ya see the motion of the pic, that's cause we were going mach 5..not really but we were zipping along. We both liked the golf cart transportation idea.. Very free but cold.

This was the second islander that we met, he had issues with people in the bar (Tippers) He followed people around all night. Very creepy. I love his shirt-"Don't just do something- sit there."
After dinner we found out that the one and only grocery closed at 7 pm. yikes. There would be no 1:30 in morning trips to Krogers here, for sure. Anyways we wanted to get some gum and some mints so we ran in and look what I found. There wasn't much on this island but by golly they had BOttLe CapS. Remember a couple weeks back I was craving bottles cap well I got my fix, I was a happy person cruising with my man on a golf cart. Now there's a first.

Well this concludes the first segment of our trip. I will edit more pics and get them right out to ya.. hang tight and I will back with your drinks. Thanks for stoppin by.