Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Part 3- My morning adventure

I ventured out by myselft Friday morning to get a few shots of early morning on the island. It was a bit chilly.

Again Perry's monument. Let me say now, I have this monument at every angle, at all times of the day, inside and out.

This stuff was here Friday morning at about 7 am by Sunday at 11 am only a bed frame was left.

All these cars passed me, I could see their headlights in my little rearview mirror. I think I heard him before I saw him. I looked up and my whole mirror was covered with red bus..Oh, shit.!!! He was going real slow, he has been on the island enough times to get used to the carts cruising at a whole 10 mph. There is it --- the low cash cows..ha ha.. they do put on an awesome show.