Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Part 2- Getting to know the island

We drove around the rest of the night and checked things out. Being only about 5 miles there wasn't much to see especially since most things were shut down for the season. I had always heard that this was basically just a party place and it is or could be but we did find that there were several things for the kids to do. We talked all weekend about maybe one day bringing them back and how to navigate it. We would need a small house, not a Bed and Breakfast for safety reasons and we would bring the car so we could stop at the store before we came over. The kids could ride bikes, go carts, and search for gems. There is a cave and a Geode underground which they would all like. It would be a neat little get away for them, for a day or two at the most. This is one of the vineyards. We stopped one day and sampled a few different wines. We don't care much for wine but we did find one that we both liked. I bought a bottle, it was really cheap. I don't know why, just an impulse thing. I mean, who really has time to drink? This is the "beach" at the State Park. I was hoping that they had a real sand beach for the kids- they don't. I guess that's what the ocean is for.
This is the SW end of the island at the State Park. We had very pretty skies that night.
Oh and we can't forget my brother PO-Po... Let me just say I won't be relocating anytime soon for a dispatcher job here. We talked to a few officers and they usually only work the summer season and then go off to a "real department" as they put it. It's more for the experience for the young officers and probably a fun place to work in the summer. I mean none of our officers can say they got a DUI on a golf cart.
We visited this monument on Friday, it was neat at the top. We could see Canada. I think they kids would like it. Maybe not.