Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Part 5- Perry's Monument

OutsideYou walk up about 21 steps to the elevator and then you get a open 360 degree view of the island and Canada. The air was so crisp and clear. It would be worth spending some time up here if it wasn't so cold. I actually think it was colder than the Empire State Building in December. Maybe not. Up on the top. A winery

The Put in Bay Police Department across town

Back downstairs.
Let me say my horizon was off in most of the photos. It was very windy and very cold, I just walked around and clicked. I also have a piece of lint or something in my camera so on some shots you can see it. I haven't had time to have it repaired.



Sara G said...

WOW, great photo's. Now I want to go there!!! Hubby has been years ago, but I have never been. I am hoping to talk him into a trip in the spring maybe!!
Take care and from all your pics it looks like you had a real nice time.