Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Part 6- Around town- Friday

We drove to the other side of the big island and found Perry's Cave. At least one of the kids would think this was neat with all the Geodes.

You buy a Geode and they cut it front of you. Of course they aren't fancy and colorful like the ones in the gift shop and then I found they are shipped in from New Mexico. What? Anyways, it's something different to do.

The golf carts were out today. Mad Dog said that summer on the island looked like Tiger Woods funeral there are so many.We stopped at the Brewery for dinner. It wasn't good at all. We won't go back there. Tippers Bar turned out to have the best food. At this time of year it was so limited. We met this couple, Gary and Dawn. They are from Michigan and have 14 year old triplets at home. We hung out, skipped the bars with them and took them a ride on our golf cart. 4 old folks cruising the bars?? We really had a blast but we can't and won't make this a every weekend thing. Once or twice a year is good enough for us.We left Tippers and went to the Round House to watch the Websters from Cincy. They play new bands and some old 80's alternative like the Violent Femmes, OMD, The Cure.. Awesome. G didn't enjoy it that much but us girls were having a good time.
Then we stopped at the Broadway and left within 5 minutes, their band was horrible.. I'm sorry but they were. Then we ended up back at Tippers/ Beer Barrel and watched the LoCash Cowboys. Again, Awesome show and did I say that they can dance.. oh, yes they can.After they were done we went next door to Mr. Eds and they just had a DJ. We decided that we had had enough for one night and drove our little golf cart home to our fancy (not really)B & B. There isn't much to do on the island, when you ask people what you should do at NIGHT, their reply is "Get Drunk" hmmm.. That just don't fit into G and I's nightly schedule. Come on we had our time to drink when we were young, who wants to get drunk every night?
What do ya get when you combine a wake, a bucket, weirdos and 2 southerns in PIB>>> stay tuned.