Friday, November 7, 2008

34, 35, 36, 37/365

These two are from the old powder factory in Kings Mill, Ohio. I took the scenic route to the pool store today. It's an old creepy building. I believe they used to have a haunted something there once. Believe me it doesn't need to much work to make it spooky. Good place for a geocache.. or not. I'm not sure it I would get out of the car, although there is a bike trail right there but it's just plain scary.

This is a picture of a pond we ran into while out geocaching. Myself and a couple friends ran out tonight to look for a few. Pictures coming later, along with pictures from my mom and dad outing.
This is just a filler pic, I have to do better on getting random pics so you don't have to see this. It's Thursday and I don't even have a pic for today.

I have been falling behind on my 365. I just haven't had time to be on the computer. I have tons of pictures to edit and get out for ya'll to see and I will get there. ~Cathy