Friday, November 7, 2008

Geocaching with the girls

Myself and a couple friends went out geocaching after work today. We had fun. It was a great day to get out but my body didn't like the long hike to the pond but whatever. I would take pictures of big knot holes in the trees that were way up and then look at the pics to see it I could find it. I couldn't see it on my camera but I stuck my hand in and found it. Do you see it?

A tree in the cemetery where we were geocaching. I know ...creepy but I really enjoy looking at all the old stones. Girls feel free to use these pictures if ya want.

You'll never guess where this one was. Who would have thunk it... Amazing what people come up with. You really need to think outside the box on this one. Girls do ya get my hint..?

Look what she found..oh my it's a geocache. I know this may sound like a nerdy pastime but it's better than being in the bar.

Next I have to edit the about 300 pics that I took last week when I went home to my parents. We went out one night and the next morning. I have tons of pics. I was a lot of fun to be home and and drive around my old stomping grounds. Those will have to wait til tomorrow. I here my bed calling.



TCKK said...

Good pictures and I get your hints.

Chris said...

Geocaching can be addicting! Great pics!