Saturday, November 8, 2008


I made frozen pot pies yesterday and I always make 2 and then give some to Emma and Baxter. I put a piece of meat and make some broth with warm water. This is what was left when they were done. The veggies, just like the kids. Never eat the potatoes and carrots. Dang animals. Then I bought Emma Milk bones. I gave her one and she just looked at it like she didn't know what it was. Then G came home and I said I got this big box on sale really cheap and the damn dog won't even touch them. That's when he said: "Well she expects you to chew it for her." He complains cause she is such a diva that when he throws here a goldfish cracker she won't eat it till you bite the tail off. He says he's never seen such a dainty dog that can't eat a milk bone. So to the kitchen I went and stuck them in a Ziploc bag and crunched the hell out of them with the can opener and guess what? She took it, ran off and ate it and came back for more. I believe he actually rolled his eyes at me. I said I few choice words and called her a few choice names and went to bed. Damn dog, she is such a DIVA....



TCKK said...

She's like the dogs we used to have. She's too lazy to chew anything hard. Our dog now has only had dry food (besides the treats I give her) so she is more than will to chew the hard stuff.

It's like the old joke about the guy who has a dog that eats turnips. The other guy said Mine would never eat that stuff. He said, mine didn't either for the first 3 weeks. lol