Friday, November 7, 2008

Hiss, spat, and love each other

Emma and Baxter are just like the kids. Big brother and little sister. They are always fighting, Emma chases him, bites his bum. He hisses at her her, spats and walks aways trying to tell her to "leave him alone." I am always yelling at them to stop, be nice, dont' do that. Well, they don't listen and then I find this. After all the hiss and spats they really do love each other. Like the kids the big brother and little sister don't get along. There is always something so spat at. Then when D wrecked on his dirtbike and was going to the hospital it was the little sister that about flew from the back seat to say "We are NOT going home, we ARE going to the hospital." Days after that she mentioned several times, how she was scared and worried about him and wanted to cry when she found out he was hurt. When he got ofF the bus from Washington she was there, she was not going to miss him. She said she wanted to give him a hug but in the end she didn't which was fine for both of them. They don't want to show that much emotion but he knew she wanted to and thought that was really nice. He even said "she really cares doesn't she?" So even though they hiss and spat each other in the end they do love each other. So after taking pictures of Baxter which miss little sister got jealous she got up with him then this took place. He started giving her a bath. She laid there and took it and tried to start picking a couple of times but then didn't. He was going to town, I had to make him stop, she must really be dirty in his cat book. I ended up taking 62 pictures of them and after that they back to chasing each other, hissing and spatting.

At one point I wondered if I should leave the room.

This was her "do" after he got done with her.


TCKK said...

I wonder what kind of hairball he'll have after that bath!!

Traci said...

They are sooooo cute. I wish my pets would give cat kisses to each other - but they just chase each other around the house.

Traci said...

Oh - I like your new background too. It reminds me of what our throw pillows look like. I'll have to take a picture and show you tomorrow!

Misty Dawn said...

I LOVE this post! This is absolutely priceless - you captured some very special moments here.