Saturday, November 1, 2008

D's injury update

On October 12th my baby boy D wrecked on his dirtbike during a race. He ended up having a lot of road rash and a severe concussion. He told me last night he really don't remember anything. He said he first started noticing that he was uncomfortable in the squad, that's when he started to come around to what was going on and what really happened. He remembers being in the hospital but is not sure of some of the simple questions I asked him. He skipped school on Monday and then went back on Tuesday. He nows says that he had trouble with school work, locker combinations and would just walk away from people as they were talking to him. He told me that the first few days at school he really wasn't "there." Well he still has some marks on his back and is pain free. So, today, this fine crisp fall morning he is going riding again. This will be the first time back on the track. I just wonder if everything will come back to him about the wreck. We'll see.



Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Oh wow.. crazy... I hope all is well. I can only imagine how YOU must be feeling. Lets hope the memory loss and stuff is just nerves and anxiety and nothing else more serious and all will be ok... it was a pretty bad fall...
keep us informed.

Rhea said...

Oh, no, I'm so sorry. How scary. Road rash and a severe concussion. I hope he has no lasting effects. :o(