Sunday, November 2, 2008

Twick ol Tweet

Okay first I tried this. It was very hard to see out of especially trying to drive so I went to this. See Below.This worked better but the kids were hiding cause they didn't want anyone to see them with me or this. I honked and waved at everyone. They think I am crazy. I always see the person with the santa hat driving down the road and think, wow that is a cool confident person to draw such attention to himself. So tonight I did my part with one bushy eyebrow that waved in the wind and a mustache that stuck to my lipstick. At one point I actually forgot that I had this on my face. Then later in the night after Chipotle I took D to a friends house where I was greeted by this, Mr. Banana. I had heard that there were a group of bananas running around the school earlier in the day and they were being chased by gorillas. I didn't really believe the kids, cause well they are kids and who would believe that this would really happen in school but then......

This guy came crawling, jumping or whatever gorillas do out the door. I can't believe this. There is a gorilla and he was so tame. Until he saw Mr. banana and then the race was on.
And then to the rescue was no one other than the great Batman... My D was batman. He saved the day. He tamed the wild gorilla and taught him how to do this. ....

How many gorillas have you seen riding skateboard? Very impressive sight.
This is about 1/3 of what made it back to our house that night. We are stocked up for the year.
Happy late Halloween all. See ya next year.


Rhea said...

Love all the costumes and candy! You have great Halloween spirit, I love that! Driving around with the mask was awesome and I was laughing about your kids hiding in the car. haha