Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you know?

Tonight I was talking to a friend and we were talking about this church. You only need to say these few words and everyone in the area knows what you're talking about. They may not even know the correct name of the church but they know the one you're talking about and exactly where it is located. My friend has a friend that attended one Sunday morning to hear a another friend sing and this gal was told by at least 2 and maybe more people that she was not dressed appropriately to attend and that if she planned on returning she would have to abide my the dress code. Well this gal politely informed them that she believed Jesus would accept her anyway she dressed and she would not be back.

Anywho, let me just say, I have never attended this church, I haven't never even stepped foot on this property nor do I know anyone that does attend so this is only my opinion, my view, my take on things and it's only my opinion so if I offend anyone I am sorry in advance. We have had several men and women come into the police department asking for directions and they all appear to be dressed equally the same. I want so bad to ask this....

#1.How did ya miss it? I don't know how in the world you can drive up I-75 and miss this church. There is no way to miss it. I'm sure there are wrecks due to this.

#2 Did you rob the fine jewelry counter at Macy's before coming? I believe or just my opionion again that you have to rob a Macy's fine jewelry counter before entering. I mean men and women that have come in are decked out in so much bling that I'm sure you become blind while attending.

So I know exactly why they believed that she may have been under dressed. I don't think I have enough jewelry in this house to match up with some of this bling...

Well years ago a man saw this while traveling up or down or over I-75 and came up with this song. It has been played on the Bob and Tom show and now everyone in the area knows of the church as

Big Butter Jesus- enjoy


Traci said...

The Big Butter Jesus song is funny!!!! There is probably a Geocache hidden in the Big Butter Jesus!!

Sara G said...

ha ha ha, I Big Butter Jesus!! I know exactly the church you are talking about. Have heard some stories from and about it too!

Great post.