Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Run squirrel run

I found this post still in draft waiting to be finished today so I will go ahead and tell the story.
Original date November 11, 2008

Last week at work I walked out the door to the pop machine. About the same time our cleaning lady, janitor, building services or whatever title she goes by today came out of the garage. (This is not a real picture of her but it will work. ) She was using her ball point pin to dig around in something in her hand. I said to her: "What are you doing?" She said she was trying to get a black walnut out of it's shell. With a pen I thought, well okay. Then I asked her where she got the walnut from.
And she told me she chased down a squirrel and made him drop it.. I couldn't help but laugh. I then said to her :You chased down a poor squirrel and took his nut? She said yes, black walnut are very good to eat. I then said: "Well go to the store and buy some." By then someone else was standing with us and we both laughed as she cussed and tried to dig this nut out with a pen.

I then asked her how she got the shell open and she said:"I went into the garage and cracked it over a trailer hitch".. OMG... We laughed so hard our sides hurt. Only Karen would do this. I then turned around and warned all squirrels in the area to run..run fast...never look back..hold on as tight as you can.. G wants me to send this in to-
You might be a redneck if.....
1. You chase down a squirrel and steal his nuts
2. You bang it on a trailer hitch
3. You eat it with a ball point pen.
Yeah.. that's all I can say. It was much funnier in person. I still laugh.


Anonymous said...

lol. That was pretty funny not in person. Those squirrels get all the good food!