Monday, December 29, 2008

Year in Pictures- August 2008

Well in July we had one big birthday party for the two oldest monsters. We had 24 (2 are missing) teenagers over for swimming, food and a bon fire. I have to say this was easier than 5 feuding 10 years olds. This is D and his BFF.. See the poison ivy on his face from making the rope swing. Well, that's not the only place he had it...but I didn't see that...wink wink

Cousin D after his foot surgery to remove the chunk of metal.
My little Miss Emma Sue..the Diva.
Bowling with dad.
D getting ready for races. I love this picture.
The collection.. They are like purses. Which one should I ride today?
My baby boy.. has my dad's eyes.
One last free day before school starts.
Like most parents our lives don't revolve around kids at all, can ya tell?


Anonymous said...

These are such super pictures! That's a lot of bikes...

Seems like you had quite the year.