Sunday, December 28, 2008

6 am

D and I went to my parents Christmas night. She has these two cats that are like no other cats I have ever met. She will call and tell me stories and I really don't know if I should believe half of what she says. But now I have experienced first hand and I believe every darn word she says. She will call and say that the cats are swinging from the curtains, and they do. Then she said she opened the frig one day and the little girl was laying on the bottom shelf, I believe her now. I kept thinking to myself, is she on drugs or the question, should she be. No, no drugs, just cats. D went to bed in the livingroom on a blow up mattress and it was a joke to whether the cats would destroy the thing by morning. Around 6 am we both woke up to the cats attacking the mattress. I yelled at D to whop them but he had never heard the term whop or at least at 6 am he didn't know what it meant so I started hitting them with pillows yelling at them to stop. Too late... another attack and then psssssisssssssisssssss. Yes, they destroyed the mattress. D then back to sleep on the deflated mattress on the floor as the cats then climed the Christmas tree and hung out like little monkeys. Wow... I am so glad that Baxter is not like that he wouldn't be alive very long. ~Cathy


Anonymous said...

Oh, my...I don't think cat ornaments are in style. You're lucky the cats didn't try and deflate you and your hubby also. On the bright side, at least you know your mom's not crazy. :)

Tisha Sargent said...

Cath - that was a funny story! Thanks for sharing...I sure hope that you taught D the meaning of WHOP! HA! Glad to hear that you Mom isn't on drugs!

TCKK said...

Maybe you should have whopped him once or twice when he was little, then he would have know what it meant. hahaha