Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hunting in the rain

2 hunt/ 1st find- It was a magnetic key box that blended right in with the seats at this memorial downtown Eaton, Ohio. This is my dad after the find posing with William (Oh, I took a picture of the marker but I forget his last name.) Anyways, he was the founder of Eaton, Ohio.

3rd hunt/ no find- This was at the Armory in Eaton. We looked and looked around this tank but it was pouring down the rain and we decided to come back another day. I hear tanks and trains are so hard to find cause there is so much detail.

All of my pictures seem to have my mom's butt in them. I don't mean to do this but it just happens. I will try to get a better angle on her next time.
4th hunt- 2nd find- This was a very neat waterfall. I will have to go back on a nicer day and get other pictures. The clue was "knot in the bridge" I said to dad that it's probably in a knot hole and I turned around and there it was hanging by a paper clip. The description of the cache said there were ducks around. We didn't see these guys til we pulled further up in the park. They came screamin' out of the water all quacking for food. I think if I would have got out of the car they would have climbed up my leg.
I think she cussed me out when I pulled away.
6th hunt- 3rd find- This was our last of 6 hunts. It was getting foggy and wanted to get packed up and head for home before it got dark.
My dad found this one in the crook of the tree covered with bark. He thought the bark camouflage was neat. We also searched at the Preble County fairgrounds and the waterworks/ no luck there.
3 for 3 not bad on a semi cold- rainy day. Thanks for hunting with us.