Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just wRoNG!!!!

I was reading about the birth of Michelle Duggar's 18th child Jordyn and I noticed a link to their oldest son Josh's own site. Remember just a few weeks ago TLC aired the episode where he went down to Florida and asked Anna to marry him. The poor little thing wasn't even sure who he was when he walked up but two minutes later they were engaged to be married. Now leaving the whole religious thing out of this I don't approve. That was filmed at the end of June and September 28, 2008 they were married. Here is my take on it, it's only my opinion and I would like to hear yours.

For two kids that live in different states, only to have seen each other in person a few times and have not been allowed to kiss and/or even date another person by the time they are 20 years old I don't feel that this is even right for them to be engaged let alone to be married in 4 months. Poor Anna does not know him, never permitted to be alone with him and then poooff... in 4 months they are free to go off and make 20 babies. I think it's just wrong. WrOnG...!!!!

What is your take on this.. Is this wrong or am I wrong.~Cathy


Tisha Sargent said...

You AREN'T wrong! In this day and time you MUST know who you are marrying. I WOULDN'T let my son marry a stranger...that is for sure. Why would you want to let your child marry a stranger...what if they have NOTHING in common? That is setting them up for FAILURE...just my take! I am with you Cath!~