Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice, Rocks and Lights

Last Saturday we went to Sports Plus over in Evandale for my work's kids Christmas Party. We started out in a large dinner hall with pizza and balloons. The balloons were hit with the all the kids. Then they headed for the ice rink. D and a friend were sizing up the ice. I think this is the first time that D had ever been on ice skates. He wasn't sure about it but eventually made it out. But if I look back now I think he was sizing up an ice skater named Grace. They got all laced up after a few pit stops and made their way for the ice. Here they are trying to get a feel of it. Then he took off and made it around a few times.

This is a group of them sticking together for support. You always want someone you know close incase you take the plunge.
They are cooking now.

Then they found the visitor section and hung out for the rest of their ice skating career.

I tried to zoom in and after looking at this picture I can tell what they are doing. These two wouldn't leave. I hear that "Grace" with all her grace caught their eye.
They got to rock climb and play laser tag.
This game of "Deal or No Deal" became the popular hang out point for everyone. G loves to watch this game on TV I wish he could have been there.
They all had a good time. I think D wants to go back so he can set in the freezing rink and watch "Grace" He kind of fell head over heels with her. This is not like him. My baby boy is growing up. Another year of memories captured for their graduation slide shows. That's what I always tell them, especially when I get an aweful picture of them.


TCKK said...

Good pics. It was a fun day wasn't it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they had a great time!

Ms. Tee said...

This looks like a great time - my son would 've loved it. That's neat that they have a party for the children, too. Thank you for your comments & for stopping by ~ :)