Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh my!!!

Yesterday G called and said he was running over to the shopping center. I asked him to exchange some "flavors" at Bath and Body Works. I explained what bag they were in and where the receipt was. It started out that he couldn't find the receipt. He kept looking and it turned out to be the last one in the stack of Christmas receipts. Growl #1. Then I tried to explain to him what to exchange. Growl #2. So I sent him a text- here's how it went.

2 Coconut Limes
1 Orange
for any 3 Honey Suckle. Ya with me so far?

P.S. If they don't have 3 different Honey Suckle then get Dancin Waters. Still with me?
P.S.S. They do have some old flavors on sale if your feeling the spirit.

Okay they come flying in the door and I was handed a bag. Out goes 4 different Pomegranate things for one of the monsters. Guess those were on sale. Ok.... So I look in the bag. ...

2 Coconut Limes
1 Honey Suckle Spray
1 Lotion
1 Shower Gel
1 Bubble bath (cool right? I got everything I wanted plus 2 coconuts back..which I like but was trying something new. But I will use the coconut in the summer.

So I am trying to figure this out and my math is not the same as his math.
2 coconut returned- 2 come back
1 orange spray equals 1 Honey Suckle spray plus
1 lotion
1 shower gel and
1 bubble bath. .hmmmmmmmmm.....all the way to the kitchen where he hands me the old Bath and Body bag with what else..
2 more lotions and 1 more spray. Ya still with me, cause I am confused trying to remember all of this.

So he handed the girl my return but had picked up the same coconut to buy on sale. Yeah... So I thanked him and now I have Honey Suckle spread all over the house. Men...he really did try. If I would have sent him to Home Depot to exchange a lug nut for a pipe wrench he would have understood. Lesson learned- don't send a man to Bath and Body works. hmmmmmm...


Sara G said...

ha ha ha, that is too funny!!
Wishing you and your family a Safe & Happy New Year!!!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

LMAO!! Yeh, I get that with my hubby ALL the time! That's hilarious!!!!! =D

Happy New Year, my friend!!!
Mountain Retreat-Canada

Gill - That British Woman said...

we finally got Bath and Body works in Canada this year. I bought a lot when we were in the States in September. I am a sucker for any citrus scent...........

Gill in Canada