Monday, December 29, 2008

Year in photos- July 2008

I sat in the water all day yelling across the lake at the family of boys making this rope swing. I had the jet ski ready in case of problems. I took about 1000 pictures of them that kiddin.. Finally they got the brush cut out and the rope in place. The next day D was covered with poison ivy.. nice. You know what happens when ya pee in the woods..yeah..down there. Big boys introducing the newest male family member to the water. They were teaching him the ways of the world, only going about 5 mph.. you can tell they are real concerned that they might fall off. This is like riding a bike to them. They had to do more work just keeping the float from floppin over forward and dumping little Hunter into the water. I remember when D was this little guy..he has been a water baby since the day he was born. When I was pregnant with him I was on bed rest so I would go to the lake and lay on a raft and the family would bring me my pills so I didn't have contractions and I would sun and drink water and pee on myself all day. Oh, that was the life.

They got some Captain in them or so they think. This is the only other time Cousin D had his dang boots off except for the day he rode the dirt bike and wrecked and had metal in his foot and ended up in surgery after finally telling the truth and yeah....and he won't do that again..
D taking a break from the sun. I think he has that same ole' bracelet on to this day.. Ok, yuck. He had also just got his fancy dancy braces. Isn't he handsome? He's my boy,, my one and only baby boy. Oh how I wish he was little again.
Now this is ridin'
And this is canoeing when everyone else jumped ship to swim back. Thank goodness G came along and pulled him back..with the others hanging on. Lazy kids.
We all went to Coney Island. They swam, rode ride and we all had family therapy (the good kind) on the bumper cars.

We took the kids to Sharon Woods. They played in the creek and we all rode paddle boats around chasing ducks. Just kiddin'
That's it for July.. I don't know why I don't have more pics..This must have been our slow month. More of my year in photos to come..


Sara G said...

Great pictures!!
Looks like a fun July.