Monday, December 22, 2008

One down 2 to go

We had G's side of the family Christmas Saturday night and her is look into our 1st of a few rounds of the holiday.

Daisy Duke was our Labradoodle. She was just too wild for the kids so G's brother took her to live with them in West Virginia. They love her to death. This little one ended up falling asleep, he didn't feel real good.
But before sleep he had to try on one of the girls socks and dance a bit like his cousin.
Yes, we played the family favorite..Pictionary. All adults have decided that the Jr. Pictionary is a good challenge even drawing a dog collar...without the dog.
This is what ya get when you mix a 10 year old and a camera. I told them to go around and take pictures and well. Here is the underside of the diningroom table. Nice huh?
This is the super whiner.. She has this squeal like someone is stepping on her.. let me say ALL THE TIME.. yikes..!!!
This is all of the adults eating our big feast.
This is G's brother. He said everytime he gets his pictures taken he looks like this. And she got the shot.
The End of round 1


Anonymous said...

Cool picture from a 10 year-old's perspective. You just don't get pictures like that everyday.
Have a Merry Christmas!

TCKK said...

Maybe he should keep his eyes open and not make faces. lol
This looks like something I would do. Could be why you don't ever see to many pics of me around.