Monday, December 22, 2008

What is your policy?

We went through Arby's drive thru the other night and the whole time we sat in drive thru this is what we saw.. hmmm? A year or so ago Arby's were being robbed left and right. The suspect always came in the back door. hmmmm? Ya think.. Now if they were robbed today they would call the police all in a panic and claim that he pushed his way in the back door or it had to be an inside job by someone with a key. Look, NO ONE needs a dang key, just the guts to do it. Anyways I had baby with me and I had to get this picture.Ya think this was a one time thing or a daily habit? Well next time they are robbed I might send this photo to their corporate office.. No I wouldn't but I would like to. Let me ask you--- What is your "back door" policy?