Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What? They want to go to bed?

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night....

It's not even midnight and the Norad Santa Tracker says that he has already been here. The kids kept giving me the countdown time but it was 1 hour off. I guess he is early this year. I better get to bed. Here are a few of tonights events. For starters the kids wanted to go to bed at 6:30..huh? If it were a school night they would think they could stay up forever. I wish ever night was Christmas Eve. Would it be terrible to promise them a gift in the morning if they went to bed on time? .. I know, that would be terrible, but it's a thought.

D was trying buckeyes on for size. He ended up having a chocolate ring around one eye but I didn't get a pictures before he discovered it.
I tried approx. 13.5 times to get a picture of this kids and he wasn't going for it.My little Evil Kenevil was trying to ride his regular bike on the ice last night and fell. He says his butt bone hurts. One butt bone to mark off the list of injuries.
He eventually got tired of the pictures and went to take a shower. He said he was killing time cause the girls were begging to go to was like 8:15Our tree..G finally fixed the angel tonight, she has been hanging by a leg.

I watched the a bit more of the annual movie "Christmas Story" and then I realized I had already taken about 150 pics so I started saving them to the mass file of pictures. I think it's time for a bigger hard drive. Poor little thing, I think I say that ever time I see this scene.


TCKK said...

We're waiting on the girls to get out of bed so I'm catching up on my bloggy friends this morning. Merry Christmas to you all!!!