Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas

Well the stockings were hung and stuffed by Santa himself with all kind of toys, lotions, potions, candy canes filled with Hershey Kisses, reindeer that pooped jelly beans and posters of their favorites. Then he ate a whole plate of cookies. I later heard screaming from upstairs that the poster of Edward from "Twilight" was going to protect them from the bad guys in their closets. Ooookay- whatever?

The kids all got new sleds and snow pants for that 1 big snow fall. We always try and scramble together pants and sleds at the last minute. I saw these this year and said we are buying them now. After we got home we decided that we should have bought 3 of the same color. But in the end they didn't seem to mind the one they got. D is setting on the steps trying to wake up while G got the video camera fired up. They always hate this whole 3 minute wait. Oh look, another Gray Hollister sweatshirt to add to his collection. I think he made to 4 new ones this year. He keeps a very limited wardrobe. Jeans or shorts- T-shrit- Hollister Hoodie. Same shoes til they wear out and then they go to the play pile and he gets new. Simple but a pain to buy for cause he doesn't need air bands, nail polish, belts, makeup..girls are so much easier- but require more in the end.
Oh my it's a new helmet to protect his noggin from another trip to the ER.

Then he headed out the door and I yelled: "Wait, it's cold, it's dark, only 1 bird is chirping and don't ya think you need a coat." This new pogo stick is for crazy, self destructing kids 14 years and up. His old one was a bit on the small side and couldn't handle is roughness of his almost 6ft body. Now he as a grownup one and let me tell you it flies..I tried to suggest putting on his new helmet..he thinks I'm crazy.
I got a pediegg, two new additions to my Willow Tree Nativity Scene and a Storm Jacket for my camera baby. I also got some things for cold weather SWAT call outs. And I got a fancy snowflake necklace. I'm not even sure what it looks like cause I opened it and put it all right away. G and I also got a Garmin Nuvi 260 GPS unit. Now we can go geocaching, find motocross tracks and dance competitions with no trouble.

Other things that made it into the house were a very cool Cashmere sweater, Electric Scooter, more Victoria Secret bath and body, the boys got new pj pants, Xbox and of course AC/DC for G. We are now the owners of another Xbox game and lots and lots of clothes and a new stereo to rock a bedroom. I also saw Hannah Montana books and the whole hardback collection of the "Twilight" series floating around and then rushed up the steps never to be seen again. And lots and lots of wrapping paper for the trash. If it weren't so cold out I would have a bon fire but NOT. I did save ribbons and boxes for next year. I love the ribbon I used and will never go back to that plastic crap. I used fabric/sheer ribbon from Walmart. It was like 2.88 a roll and did well, even the kids made great bows with it. We used all of the name cards that my mom made for us and I had to buy sticker ones cause I haven't been in the crafty spirit lately. Anyways, thanks mom. Next year when I say I have enough- just send more. Screams coming from under the paper pile -"All of us here at As the World Flops wish you a Very Merry Christmas.


TCKK said...

Sounds like you all had a great day. So did we. Be safe going to your mom's. Hope you have a great time there too! Merry Christmas! See you next year!!!!!