Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yearly Recap

I am going to try and go back and recap our year from start to finish. Now I didn't get "Baby" til May so that's when the real fun started. Since the end of May I have taken 48 GB of pictures. My first computer back in 96-97 didn't even have 1 GB. My camera holds 2 on it's own so you see how things have progressed. Everything and everyone is a victim of my habit. If you are or were a cloud, sun, moon or water or had any of the following you were a victim: toes, sink, wheels, petals, made any kind of animal sound or not or any other family event that I attended then I have pictures and lots of them. Now out of the 48 GB I would say that only about 30 GB are edible, ooooppps I mean viewable. Is viewable a word? I will add that to my list of stupid things to look up anyways I am going with it..ViEwaBlE.. So keep watch and I will give you the highlights and add some never before seen footage of my life in SW Ohio NEXT on As the World Flops. Break to commercial ~Cathy


Sara G said...

Great idea. Can't wait to see all the pics!!