Saturday, January 31, 2009

6am and -9 degrees

Ya know what I did this morning.. I woke up at 5 am well really 5:15 and we left the house at 6 in -9 degree weather to drive to see this guy..Jammy Yes we went to another dance competition. The girls rocked.

Look at this jump... thank you spring floor
And a little sass
and some more..
and then a little death..oh how their song is so sad....anyways they won...
D even went with us..his first and last dance competition..he was in pain all day..
That's how we spent our did you spend yours? Shopping? Hungover? In bed? Doing dishes and laundry?



Sara G said...

Great photo's.
We spent our Saturday working a little at our shop and then went to Caesar Creek to do a little four wheel driving and picture taking.
Take care

TCKK said...

Congats to them on the win!

We went to lunch and Walmart & then spent most of the day at home & then went and saw Fireproof! last night. Fun day.