Monday, February 2, 2009

Let it snow..OK, Enough already!!

I usually do pretty good at driving and taking pictures but last week I only got a few due to the layers of ice and snow and ice and snow on the roads. I bet I made it to 25-30 mph 3 times last week. One of the monsters took these pictures out our back door. That's as far as she made it. It was nasty.

We had to pick a girl up for dance in a neighboring town. We crept along.. I hate driving in this stuff.

This guy would pull up to the stop bar and tripped the light. We (all 10-15 cars) sat there yelling for him to pull up. Finally I went around him and then everyone followed. I think I saw in my mirror where he finally ran the red light to get through. I hear there is more snow coming today and the next few..Yeah, Yuck, Spit, Spat...I can't wait. I have had enough. I want spring.


*Lissa* said...

Me too.

s said...

He would just rather be hunting..duh!