Thursday, January 15, 2009


I know a lot of others are worse off than me but I have to say a few things. 0 is not a pleasant number to live with. 0 degrees is miserable and I don't know how any living thing can live outside when it gets this cold. Let's think about the number zero for a minute. 0 dollars in your account..not a good thing. 0 hairs left on your head especially in 0 degree weather. 0 eggs when you are trying to make a cake. 0 Dolce and Gabana purses, tragedy.. I know I'm just whining but I had to go pick a monster up at dance and it was too dang cold for me. I should be thankful I'm living where some are with no electric and frozen water pipes. I will stop now.

I have a question... when it is only 0- zero out is it considered 0 degree or 0 degrees..I mean there is no plural number going on here,,actually there is no number at all. Just the little things that I think about.