Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fashion sleep over

This weekend while we are out of town Emma is on a mini vAca / sLeEP oVeR/ FasHiOn SHoW at the vet's office. Today when I dropped her off I was telling her to be good and that maybe she would meet some new friends. The gal at the counter said there were a lot of little girls in back. One of the monsters then said that maybe she would have a fashion show while she was there. So I started thinking. On this cold ass weekend in SW Ohio what else is there to do than a fashion show.

Post pictures of your animals dressed up is some outfit, hat, jewelry or whatever they prefer to wear while lounging. Then leave me a comment for all to come visit. Monday I will post pictures Emma and all the details of her weekend. ... well not really... I might even get Baxter in the act. ...if he doesn't scratch my eyes out. . ~Cathy