Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not my style

This is a picture of the dining room in the new HGTV dream home. Something with this house is just not my style but if it were given to me then I would be okay with it and find some way to redneck it up with some junk from OhiO... moving on...Okay, call me crazy, out of touch, or just flat out stupid I don't know. I thought this year's HGTV dream house was in Knoxville, Tn. Now I don't consider Knoxville exciting and place that I would visit all the time but I could stand to go there once and see what is happenin'. More like go there once and find that it is exciting and then call my self stupid for not investigating this sooner. Anywho.... I just found out that this house is in Sonoma, Cali.. what? A farm house in Sonoma and then take the tour and look at the neighbors. I don't know much about design but I don't think this new/old farm house look goes there. Well I did sign up but honestly I won't be too upset when I don't win. It would cost money to fly back and forth and then to put two of the monsters in one bedroom..World War III would break out. Especially after these last few days, but that another story which I am not ready to tell. But go check it out and sign up (ya have until the 19th). I kinda was hoping it was in Knoxville due to that only being a 6 hour drive which I could handle mentally and financially. Now watch me win and have to eat my words and make this post disappear forever..of course until I can't afford it and have to sell the damn thang. If any of you win I will come visit if ya need someone to explore Sonoma with ya... ok? okay!