Saturday, January 24, 2009


Just tonight Lissa said how she was watching Dirty Dancing and I said that it was a classic and "Nobody puts baby in a corner" just happened... AGAIN. A week ago I was ready to walk out the door on our way to the AC/DC concert and G told me that I couldn't take "Baby" (the camera). My world was crushed, I wanted so bad to get a picture of Angus in his little school boy shorts. Well I was good and didn't take it but tried to get a picture with my phone that absolutely sucked. Anyways, I hope you all understood. So tonight we decided to go to a hockey game and I thought for sure I could take it to the game...right? right!!! Fo sho???!!! Wrong. !!!
No professional cameras allowed...what? Come on, it might be a "professional" camera but the operator aka ME is not. So once again standby for the wonderful cell phone photo of G and all 6 kids having a great time and me in the corner with Baby crying our eyes out cause she is not wanted in Cincinnati.. After this I am boycotting Cincy in the name of Baby.. I will go to Dayton next time.. So poo on you Cincy~Cathy