Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Paci

At any given moment of any given day you can find D in this position.. His dang phone is like a pacifier. He can text without even looking. I can't even call that the last number with out looking. And this is what I get when I tell him to "Put that damn thang down!!!!" So he does but continues to text. It's like hyper note syndrome. Do you like me? Circle Yes or No.. Will you got "out" with me? Circle Yes or No.. By the time he's forty he will have arthritis in is thumbs or some new thing called "Numb Thumb" And I have the pictures to prove it.



*Lissa* said...

That is why I refuse to let my kids have cell phones no matter how much they plead and say, "But EVERYONE in our class has one!" ;o)

I'm kind of a bitch like that.

Anonymous said...

It is an obsession...almost like my obsession to blog. ;-)


TCKK said...

I agree with FringeGirl. I'm just as obsessed with blogging! By the D is getting cuter and cuter. Wait, I guess I'm supposed to say handsome! Well, anyway, he is!

Your letter is "M"! Have fun!