Monday, February 2, 2009

Big Foot, Moose, Llama?

Saturday night the girls mentioned that when they were outside in the daylight that they saw these strange foot prints in the snow. I told them they were deer and they said Oh no, not deer they were like this and drew this shape out in the carpet. It was about a 6 inch long oval by 3in wide and then on top had a 2 pointed crown. I tried to everything, Ohio? Big Foot, G rolled his eyes, Ostrich? They were having non of this. I had to put on my robe and mammoth crocs and go tracking out in the yard to look. Oh, and they reminded me to take the camera after G told them it was probably feeding time for the creature.. Thanks G. Anyways here's what I came back with. Okay at first I came in and said "yep, deer" but that was just looking at them with the flash of my camera, today when I looked at them I said those aren't deer those are rabbit or bunny tracks. You help me decide. You'd think I could tell the difference but apparently not. Below (the small pics) are pictures of bunny and deer tracks you decide..
Big foot, yep Big Foot and I survived. All was good in the house after that and then they went to bed to sleep another night without being taken by the mean ole' creature outside.
That was the Saturday night excitement.
Here are some pics off the internet from people that know more than me. You decide. bunny
bunny with a long tail or somethingdeerdeer -I say mine look like this bottom one. What'cha think?


Anonymous said...

My guess on the big prints is a snow-shoe rabbit, BUT I am not qualified to guess.


TCKK said...

I have no idea, but this is a fun post!