Monday, February 23, 2009

Dance and Racing

Well dance is almost over. One more competition this Sunday and then Nationals at the end of March. It's been an exciting winter with learning the ropes of the dance world. Our girls have done well and they are excited for Florida. I guess I need to be getting things ready or I'll be packing the night before. Years ago I would start packing or at least throwing things in a suitcase as I thought of it. These last few years I go up the night before and throw it in and hope I have everything. I have not researched the maps, hotel or competition venue. I need to get busy doing that or I'll get in the car and G will ask "Where are we going." I will huff and say "Hell if I know I thought you took care of that."

After Florida we will have a few weeks off before D starts racing. This is his favorite pic.We are getting his stuff together now. We need to buy gear, gloves, chest protector, peel offs for goggles. He got boots, helmet and goggles for Christmas. I actually am really excited about his racing. He has been getting mentally prepared all winter. He doesn't remember his wreck so that isn't stopping him. He is still mad cause we didn't let him get up and finish the race. Yeah right.. I bought ice packs yesterday to be prepared. Not that he needed ice packs the day of his race but he might in the future. All he needed was a x ray and a cat scan.. something I can't fit into my purse. Saturday night we watched a race and he gave me a motocross 101 class. I am so excited he wants to share this with me. Now I feel more informed as to why, why and why they do what they do. ~Cathy


TCKK said...

Wow girl! You are so busy with all that. How in the world do you keep up!

*Lissa* said...

Busy busy!! Have a good week!