Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pioneer Woman in Ohio--Not!!!!

Today in my kitchen I am making Grannie Grace's Cole Slaw. Let me warn you, Ree- The Pioneer Woman is not here so don't expect great photos taken in raw then doctored up with Photoshop cause I can't use it. I hit the auto correct button on my picture manager and waaalaaa.
First the picture of ingredients.
The sauce-
Miracle Whip - I show real mayo but it didn't taste right and I don't remember what I usually use cause I haven't made it in a while so I started out with this and then went with Miracle Whip
Apple Cider Vinegar
Salt and Pepper
I don't have Ree's fancy dancy knives but I have one from Rada (which I will get more) that I love, it's awesome. Until I win one from PW I won't know the difference. Just chop the cabbage and carrots up to your desire. If I'm in a big hurry I make chunky but G doesn't really like it chunky.Throw it in a bowl. I usually use my little electric chopper/food processor thingy but it is kind of broken from years of abuse so I had to hand chop it. It's all good.I salt and pepper the top of everything and then mix it. My theory- If ya mix it and can't see it then you don't have enough. Then mix the vinegar, Miracle Whip and sugar together. Now remember in past posts I don't measure anything. I make a little and pour it in..if it's too dry then I make more. It all depends on how much cabbage you use and how runny you want it.
Aren't these great PW looking pictures..yeah right I know. I am trying to pour and take pictures with one clean finger. I know ya get the point. I even turned on an extra light. Wasn't that nice of me? The final product..Grannie Grace's Cole Slaw. Let it set til dinner is done with a few flops in the mean time and waalaaa.. Cole Slaw.. Is that how you spell Waaalaa?
Thank you for visiting my cooking show today. Tune in later for the ribs covered in Montgomery Inn sauce that are baking as we speak. Yummo.. If you haven't had Montgomery Inn ribs you are missing out. Check out their website. You can order them all over the country.. They will dry ship them to you. They are the best. See ya at dinner.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I don't even try to take pictures with one hand. What's photoshop? Kidding...

Your pictures look great and so does this recipe!


Ms. Tee said...

I think you did great with your photos, too. :) I've tried cooking & taking photos at the same time and it doesn't work to well for me. lol The slaw looks very good, by the way!

Brandy said...

You might not take pictures like PW but she ain't got nothing on those nails honey! Gorgeous color.

And the slaw looks pretty good too.

BTW your should have flashed 'em...before gravity got to them. Actually you should do it now before it gets worse. LOL!

Cathy Davis said...

I think the pics look great and now I really want slaw!

s said...

the deceased vegetable soup is jealous he didn't make it on here