Saturday, February 28, 2009

So ya wanna know?

Well I put out my feelers the other day and I got a response. Some of you poor soles want to know a few things about me. I know you could really care less if I have a tattoo or a cat named Fluffy, Puff, Duffy and Dodie but I'm gonna answer your questions since your were so nice to help me out. I don't know if I'll get them all answered tonight due to the fact that's if Friday night in the big city and I'm at work waiting to save some stupid ass drunk from his/her life of pity. I love my job...I love my job.... stupid ass drunks. Any who here I go.

First question from Cathy over at TCKK- opps phone rang..hang on!!! Ok back..see this will take all night.

Her first question- Where did I come from and what was my childhood like..

I was born in Greenville Ohio about 40 some years ago. I was born breech and both hip sockets were out of place. I had reconstructive hip surgery when I was about 3.

I grew up in a small Burg in SW Ohio. There's not that many burgs but I won't go into great detail. I have one younger brother. My mom stayed home with us. I have said this before I could come home at 1030 at night and my clothes would washed and dried when I got up at 530.

My dad was a police officer, sheriff and chief of police at different points in my life and then he went to GM for a better job to support my chronic injury stage which still occurs to this day. I have the weirdest illnesses and injuries. Like I said before it all started when I came out butt first- that there was my first problem of many. I just laugh when someone asks if I have any scars from surgery.. I look like a road map.

I went to school in the same school district from start to finish. I graduated with about 88 people in my class. We had 4 - 4th grade classes and now my son had 15-16 4th grade classes, what a difference.

I loved to play in the woods and loved loved loved to play school and house. I drove a big wheel to and from work back in those days.

I loved gymnastics and used to wrap sleeping bags around a 2x4 to make a balance beam in the garage. I loved roller skating and wanted to be an ice skater. I wanted to go to the Olympics in either skating or gymnastics. In 7th grade I was released by the doctor and told that I could finally take gymnastics. That weekend I fell out of a tree and sprained my ankle. I never got to take the first class. I did get to see the 1980 US Men's and Romania Women's Olympic gymnastic team. It was so cool. I had to go on crutches which was kind of cool cause I thought everyone would think I got hurt doing a fancy dancy move but really I was climbing a tree on a Friday night at a friends house and fell which wasn't a good story to tell.

Because I couldn't go to school on crutches cause I had this thing about falling up the stairs and was afraid to fall down the stairs I stayed home a lot. I would go out in the yard and do homework and talk to this wild stray cat. I finally caught her and named her Fluffy. Fluffy then went on to have Puff, Duff and Dodie and Yoda (Yoda died soon after birth)

I also played soccer from 5th grade til I was a Sophomore. That ended quickly when the male goalie on the other team rolled my knee backwards and I ended up in surgery later that week.

I then cheered when I was a Junior- my first and last year of cheering except when I was in 4th grade. We did really well that year and won almost every competition. We went to Nationals at Virginia Beach. We all walked around Colonial Williamsburg where my Aunt Dottie gave me $20.00 to spend. Hi Aunt Dottie. I don't remember what I got but I remember her giving me that money. I thought I was rich..well back then I guess I was.

I graduated from high school, took some medical classes, ran fire and ems and moved down South were I got this job (Police/Fire Dispatcher) and I have been here ever since.

Oh I could go on forever but the guys are working chasing the bad pathetic drunk parents around town. Til next time.. see ya.


TCKK said...

Fun stuff. I knew some of this, but not all.

*Lissa* said...

Interesting! I love hearing all this!