Saturday, February 28, 2009

My favorite vacation

Cathy from TCKK asked what is my favorite vacation.

Answer- I don't know that I have a actual favorite. I have been several places at different times of my life and they are all neat in their own way.

Let's start when I was little. I didn't care much for the cave trips. Boring to me but I did them and I lived. We went to Michigan mushroom hunting one year with my aunt and uncle and that was fun. I loved mushroom hunting. We went over the border to Canada I guess just to say we were there and now I can say "we were there". We went to the german town- Frankenmuth and I really want to go back there but no one else ever seems to be interested in Michigan.

Mom and dad took us to Gatlinburg and Cherokee, NC. A few years back I went to Cherokee and it didn't have the same feel as I remember. I will have to think about my very favorite vaca...really any that I'm not at home or work. ~Cathy


TCKK said...

Hey I want to do Frankenmuth too!

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

You used to Spelunk? Cool! Why didn't you like the caves? How could mushroom hunting be fun? Why were all your vacations so... well... weird? LOL

Justine :o )