Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter Blues

1. I am tired, I need sun, I need vitamin D, I need a tanning bed.
2. I am tired of this dang winter weather.
3. I don't want to use 4 wheel drive anymore this year.
4. I want spring to come early.
5. I am ready for bees, flowers, green grass and white fluffy clouds.
6. I am tired of driving 25 mph in this dang snow.
7. I am ready for the thunderstorms that are coming tomorrow afternoon.
8. I am not ready for the hurricane force winds that are coming with it.
9. I want to open up a window and let fresh air in.
10. I am tired of my car being filthy filthy dirty with salt.


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of my living room floor being dirty with salt. I swept up a huge pile just a few minutes ago. Enough already!

Love your new wallpaper.


Michele said...

Whoa, you readin' my mind, aren't you??!!?

TCKK said...

Me too!

S said...

you know what's funny? last night i posted a bulletin on myspace without even looking at this and it said "i need vitamin aka tanning" and i just got on here and read "1. I am tired, I need sun, I need vitamin D, I need a tanning bed."

hmmm......maybe it's a sign WE NEED A TANNING BED :)

s said...

i meant vitamin d. lol. i forgot to put the d in there.