Monday, March 2, 2009

My yearly time capsule

I was reading a post over on Lissa's blog and it gave me an idea. In 58 days I will be celebrating my 1 year blog anniversary.

From today til then (watch my countdown in the upper right hand corner of my blog) I want you to add a comment to this post I will then copy and post your comment to a post that I will launch, bury, hide til my 2 year anniversary.

Your comment could contain-
Where you live now, where you want to live.
Your bank acct balance
The weather report for today.
Info about your family.
poems, quotes
Do you hope to be married orrr divorced by then.
Ask the kids to help- what will it be like in the spring of 2010.
Your favorite place to eat, shop.
Your dream vacation.
How many kids you secretly want.
Whatever other misc info stuff you want to leave.

also add your blog address to the comment so I can just save your comment-
or not leave your info blank- maybe a message about your long lost love or something.
Then on my two year anniversary I will post your comments and we can relive today's thoughts together.

Quick run down-
1. leave a comment
2. I will hide that comment for a year
3. I will post on my two year anniversary
4. We will all read and relive Spring of 2009 in the Spring of 2010
5. Pass this on to other blogs, twitter, myspace, etc.. I would like to get 100 comments saved.
Thanks for playing.. Thanks Lissa for the idea.


Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...
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