Saturday, April 18, 2009

I can't wait....

I have to work til 8am then I am going home, slamming a shower (to start fresh) racing to the dirt bike track to watch the boys and I mean ALL of the boys ride their dirt bikes.. I can't wait. Monday is Cousin D's 16th birthday and all he wanted was for the boys to ride.. so D, Colton, Jared, Justin, Austin, Kyle, Grant and who knows who else is caravanning down to the track to celebrate. I packed Sunny D's, orange slices, carrots, celery, grapes and salami sandwiches for the feast, Cousin D's mom is handling the chips and cookies. We are going to have a great time... I sure hope that I catch a big second wind about 8 am and keep going. I may get out in that warm sun and have to snooze a bit..

Here is a video of some of the boys.. D was not here this day.. This is where D had his wreck last year.