Friday, April 17, 2009

Stop this train

You know the Vanilla Ice song..Stop that train?
Stop this train 'cause I wanna get off

Stop that train, I wanna' get off

-I had this song playing in my head all day... this is how it went.
-I worked from 12 midnight to 8 am
-8-1:30 I slept with my furbabies
-I jumped out of bed and took a shower
-Loaded the car with 3 trophies and 3 banners from the girls National dance competition.
-Picked up monster at school, took her to dance..
-Drove back to town
-Got nails done
-Dropped off rider release forms to other monster
-Drove back to dance
-Stopped at the store, monster didn't feel good so I grabbed a few things
-Went home to make dinner, let the dog out
-Then jumped back into bed to bank some sleep hours for this weekend
-Got up at 1030, showered and headed back to work.

See why I need a maid.. I don't get anything done at the house..
I am work now and will start the race over around 1:30 today.. then on Saturday I will work 12-8 go home/ change clothes/ grab the camera and head to the track til 2 or 3
Then my parents are coming for the night and we are going geocaching Saturday night or Sunday.. I may get to sleep oh say Monday....
Stop this train and hire me a made to cook, clean and do laundry.. I just may catch up. ~Cathy


TCKK said...

Ok, I just got up 30 minutes ago and now I feel tired already after reading out your day!!! lol

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

What's geocaching? Sounds like looking for gems to me, but I could be totally wrong!

And what kind of job do you have that you work the graveyard shift? Ick!

Justine :o )

Denise said...

Man graveyard is hard on the body alone, and then add in the million and one things that we have to take care of during the day.... whew, I'm exhausted thinking about it. I hope you are able to get some rest!

AndreaLeigh said...

wow that is exhausting! take care of yourself!