Friday, April 3, 2009

Not Jackie O

Okay, I'm no model or fashion designer but where on Earth did she think this looked okay. Holy cow, and it you're going to wear that Goodwill thing get the right size. And then this- I am funny about color and if I were going over the pond to meet the Queen I would make damn sure that my greens matched. And again the sweater didn't fit, or atleast I think so. In my book, she is just flat out Goodwill trash.

Now here she looks great. Maybe she needs to stick to solid colors and quit the wacky patterns.

Just my opinion, maybe I'm totally wrong but the poor towering girl is awkward looking.


Anna said...

I agree with you completely. What is is with those too-small sweaters?

Anonymous said...

Appreciate your blog and opinion, however calling someone trash is not the most positive way to go about it...