Friday, April 10, 2009

What ya think..tell me the truth

Okay so I woke up around 1:15 today and think well I'll use the bathroom and check out what the troops are doing and maybe slip back into bed in a bit.. sound good? NOT!!!!

I call D, he is hanging out at cousin D's house this week for spring break. They have been working on their dirtbikes and chomping at the bit to go ride. He tells me they are waiting for a call back from the track and they ?might? go ride. Ok, so I get pumped and think who needs sleep anyways. So we get the word that riding is on. He asks me if I can can come get him so he can get his bike ready..sure, let me jump in the shower. Well about the time I head upstairs one of the other monsters is in our bathroom. So I forget the shower and run to pick him up. I was wearing my PJ's..yes I was. I don't care. I tell him that yes I'm going to change before we leave and he's happy. So I run back home, take a shower, run to McDonald's (cause I'm starving and haven't ate a thing since like 2am.) and then get gas. I beat them to track...

Ok, here's the weird, cool, questionable thing that happens.

I walk into the office to sign in and tell Mike the owner that I heard his computer is down. He says "yeah, I use Internet Explorer for my email and someone sent a huge picture and locked it up" My first thought is Internet Explorer, really, never heard of it and then I act like it's some fancy program that his hard to come by.. and we go on talking. Well I had sent him some pics and they were probably mine that crashed his secret Internet Explorer. Anywho....I was telling about the pictures that I took at the races and I say--
Me: " I love my camera, I take pictures of everything, if the cat poops I take a picture."
Mike: "You ever think about turning it into a business?" (I wasn't sure if he meant the pictures or the cat pooping)
Me: "No, I just do it for fun, I'm not a professional and never will be."
Mike: "Well, that's how ya learn."

So we talked more and this was his offer. He wants me to be the track's photographer and he will go in with me on the equipment, paper, ink to start our own motocross photo business. Is he crazy? I take a lot of pictures and out of the some 500 I may get a few good ones but not good enough to sell. So I call G and tell him and the wheels start turning. I then go to the track and take 487 pics and then turn my camera over to Mike to view (since he made this offer before he ever saw a single pic) do I just look like I know what I'm doing or is he just desperate to have someone. hmmmmm? Well when I got home I talked to G and we are "thinking about it"

My question to you all and I want the truth, cause I don't want to do this and then have some hill jack say "well those r some down right sucky pictures" I will post some her in the next few and I want the truth, what do you think. Are my photos worth selling to the dirt boys. You can even sign anonymous if ya want to.


Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Hell yeah, do it!!!!!!!! And if you think you need to, take a couple of photography classes while you're at it. If this is something you love, and this Mike guy wants to back you on it, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like fun!

Justine :o )