Friday, April 10, 2009

Blog Farts Friday

My new BFF Jaci has created a Blog Farts Friday- Click on the icon and check out her site. I laugh and laugh and laugh after reading everyone of her posts..she is great.

Now on to my blog farts-
This is perfect for me. I think of random off the wall shit all the time to write down but never do and now I have a reason. It's Monday and I made this post and will put it in draft until Friday rolls around a waaalaaaa.. My deepest thoughts come to life for everyone to laugh at and say- What is this girl a thinkin'. Yes I know I am a little out there sometimes but this is the stuff I think, worry, ponder and stay awake at night thinking about. My mind is always going with what ifs.

1st thought- Why after several warm days why does it have to get cold and snow again. Come on Mother Nature, global warming or whatever- get with the program. You can pay the doctor bills when we all get sick. Ya know the doctors will tell us,,
"it's the weather, with that change last week everyone is sick" So why should I have to pay for this? I didn't do it to myself.

2. We are usually gone for Easter but this year decided to stay home.. Well all the grandparents want their time. We looked at each other and said it's just easier to leave. If we could only leave for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas we would be set.

3. Okay it's been almost a year and I have a total of $4.60 in my Adsense account. By next week I am going to call in rich.. Yeah, I'd have a better chance in getting attacked by a OHIO. Any tips on how to earn some bucks with this thing?

4. I have had so much trouble this last week trying to get videos and button with the html code in my post. I know I have done it before but I am have a serious brain fart this week. I guess I can say fart in this post since it is...Blog Fart Friday. I love this - I can vent or ask or wonder about the little things that make me go HmmMmmMMM?

5. Why would anyone want to get ear gauges. What are you to do when you are 80 and your earlobes sag... hold up your depends.

6. Why doesn't McDonalds have their yogurt parfait ready in the morning? Isn't that when most people eat yogurt?

Guess that's it for this week. Write down your Blog Farts and jump on over to Jaci's blog and sign your name on Mr. Linky.


Shannon said...

I think random posts like this are the most fun...

I don't get Mother Nature, either. Someone seriously needs to adjust her meds.

Jaci said...

I've never tried AdSense...but at least you are making some money at it. Have you tried applying for BlogHer Ads? AdSense is pay-by-click--but BlogHer pays you everytime someone looks at your blog.

But really? All ads suck. I've made $50 in 6 months. Earning real income off a blog must be a myth?

TCKK said...

too funny Cathy. Girl you crack me up.