Saturday, May 16, 2009

Boys Club

Last night I got invited to hang with boys in the garage. So I grabbed "baby" and the way we went. I sat there and captured all their hidden talents... Look D is not texting..Mark it on your calendars.

Cousin D going after my car that drove away without permission.Then it showed up again with the radio blarring.I would love to have this baby.. I don't know why but it would be nice, power steering and everything..wowzaaaaa..And I guess this is what they do..inspect, talk, inspect, fix.Then the good ole bikes come out for some fun. Here is our resident, model.

Here is D with his cousin. She is home from college, very tired after a full day of work.. I just say, get used to it honey.
The big tornado watch that eventually caused rain at 7 am... They are never right. So we shall continue to play.Nasty skies.Model slash warrior slash talent contestant...He is multi-talented.
and the x games section of the night.

Then I went home and got ready for work.


Justine said...

Wow. Your kid actually asks you along to go hang with him and his friends? Who's the model? He's got great arms!

But why would you want to go hang out at the garage? LOL

Justine :o )