Saturday, May 16, 2009

CRIBS D's version

The boys made a fort at D's aunt's house. They plan on sleeping in it however when it gets dark they opt to go back inside "in case it rains." Even if they never sleep out there they has had a lot of great hours working on it. Last night a got the exclusive CRIBS tour.
First I let him drive the land yacht down the road, he did really well. Actually I was too busy taking pictures to notice.
This is the Fort. I asked them if they needed ply wood or tarps and they said no.. Well I think they need something, but they are happy with it.
The firepit where they keep warm or I think it's more for light. Although monster cans probably don't burn too well. I big ole knife for the lions, tigers and bears. No dirty smut magazines here no's a motocross mag.. bless their hearts. Pork rhines a staple in the fort diet. This must be the kitchen prep area. And no fort is complete without a lookout.The only bear they are going to see in this area. This is Presley..he is a big boy.He drooled on my camera. Yuck Yuck.One of the paths they have made. I love the green grass..

More to come.. I got to hang with the boys last night..