Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm such a dork.. We had a swat call out tonight. I had filled up my Camel bak and threw it in the truck. After several briefings on the suspects it was time to go. I put on my bullet proof vest and then my Camel bak. I was riding along and water started running down the back of my pants. The zip lock bag I put ice in was leaking and it was pouring out... Nice.... here I am running around with all these guys with guns and I look like I had an accident.. Thank goodness it was dark by then and I don't think anyone noticed. I was also thankful it wasn't like 18 degrees out or I would have been in trouble.

Then I go home to jump in the shower to run to work. I tipped over this little lightweight stool we have in the bathroom and it bounced off the first joint of my big toe. That happened over 2 hours ago and it still hurts. I am such a dork and should be afraid of myself.